5 Ways to Ensure that Your Email Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Look Like Spam

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02 May

5 Ways to Ensure that Your Email Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Look Like Spam

Email marketing is an important aspect of any comprehensive marketing campaign. But there are many ways to execute your email marketing campaign that wind up raising red flags with spam filters.

Here, we look at several strategies you can employ to help ensure that your email marketing campaign doesnt look like spam and ultimately get you placed on a black list.

Make sure there is an option to opt out. Nothing says spam like a lack of ability to remove oneself from an email list. Make sure that every email you send has a clear option for removal for your readers ” its a part of the CAN-SPAM law, and you could be fined $16,000 for not abiding by it.

CAN-SPAM laws require that you provide a physical address in your email so that recipients can reach you by postal mail.

Include your physical address. The CAN-SPAM law also requires that you cite the physical address at which you can be reached via postal mail. Either a street address or a PO Box may be cited.

Don’t use all caps in your subject line. This is seen shouting by the recipient, but is also an alert for spam filters, unless done with the right mix of caps and lower case.

The blog Netmatters.com notes that you can mix words with all caps and not, as in the following example: Subject: FOLLOW UP: Previous E-mail Subject, which works to grab attention without shouting, but something like READ THIS EMAIL NOW! can actually raise red flags with spam filters.

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