How to beat the distractions in the competitive Faith Based Entertainment Business

How to beat the distractions in the competitive Faith Based Entertainment Business
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09 Jan

How to beat the distractions in the competitive Faith Based Entertainment Business

The demand for faith-based entertainment industry is on the rise, and therefore more entertainment companies are producing faith-based content. The surplus of this content, in part driven by demand, and the distractions caused by access to smartphones, tablets, life, etc. have created a challenge to those seeking to profit from the sales of movie tickets, ads during related TV shows, video on demand (VOD) services, and even books.

At a time where the faith-based entertainment industry was not so competitive, marketing was not as crucial as it is today. With more choices, there may be less demand which means having to put more effort into building brand awareness to ensure financial success for your productions.
Faith-based entertainment faces many challenges today with there being so many distractions from competitors in the market. Even the ‘Passion of the Christ’ sequel, set to be released in late 2019 will have to face these challenges with so many other big faith-based productions being released. Unlike back in 2004 when the first movie was released and was said to be a ‘bona fide phenomenon’, ranking in over $370 million at the US box office, which more or less defined the market for faith-based films, according to Vox.

This film and many others will face the challenge of being released in a different era, with a greater amount of competition from companies like Christian VOD services Pureflix, who produce and distribute movies regularly like these, have increased competition in the market by providing access to large number of faith-based entertainment with small monthly subscription fee.
Many big companies are getting involved in faith-based productions, such as Lionsgate. Christian music has also because more mainstream, with many big-name artists now falling under this category, for example, Lauren Daigle. Subscription services for faith-based films and movies, like Crossflix have also increased the competition in the industry.

According to GODTV, there are many highly anticipated major motion pictures being released in 2019, and one of the top 5 include ‘Run the Race’, which is produced by Tim Tebow and in his brother.

With strong competition in the sector, there are ways to overcome these challenges. Our religious email lists can help promote your content and drive sales by connecting you with the people who will want to hear about the latest in faith-based entertainment. If you have a Christian movie, show, book or VOD service you are trying to promote our Christian email lists should be a part of your plan.

We also have means for reaching leadership to provide them awareness using pastor email lists, and some can be found on email lists for church members. They will help relay your message to their community, therefore increasing the demand for your productions.

With our religious audience email lists, we can geo target areas of the country and sometimes internationally, to help you reach people in specific areas. For instance, for films only being released in specific locations on certain dates, we could email prospective ticket buyers as the movie rolls out in each area to raise awareness and potentially pre-sales. This method would also be helpful in situations where films are only available in certain geographic locations, as some people would otherwise never hear about them.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to you to promote these films early enough to provide get audiences to go watch them in theaters rather than wait until they are released on DVD, On Demand, or Netflix.

The faith-based entertainment industry, although a large community, can pose a challenge to one another as a result of the increased competition and life distractions. We have a wide scope of religious and faith-based email lists that can help you promote your book, upcoming movie, TV show, and music releases for the 2019 calendar year.