Doomsday Prepper TV Series Bolsters Email Marketing to a Nation of Survivalists

Doomsday Prepper TV Series Bolsters Email Marketing to a Nation of Survivalists
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08 May

Doomsday Prepper TV Series Bolsters Email Marketing to a Nation of Survivalists

With two television shows continuing production, companies turn to email lists for direct sales to those preparing for the end of the world as we know it.

May 8, 2012 – Boca Raton, FL – From plush underground bunkers to solar powered generators to emergency preparedness kits, Americans can’t get enough of the ever increasing Doomsday Prepper television shows. The national interest in self-reliance and emergency preparedness has placed an increasing demand on the email marketing industry as companies seek to utilize this marketing channel as a means to target this responsive audience of sophisticated buyers.

Doomsday preppers have placed an increasing demand on manufacturers and suppliers of related products, which range in price from a few dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this group of buyers are known to conduct in depth research prior to making their purchases, and our responsive email lists have become the ideal channel for marketers to utilize in the direct selling of their products,” said Chief Evangelist Bryan Rudnick. “BestROI Lists can help any company seeking to market their products and services in a fast and cost effective manner to this growing audience as well as those who reside in areas prone to hurricanes who are now preparing as the Summer is upon us.”

Companies looking to market to this increasing audience have been turning to for help in directly selling to new clients since 2008. Reaching this audience is easily available to those seeking to buy email lists containing opt-in subscribers of individuals who have demonstrated an interest in survival products.

As many people seek information and resources towards off the grid living and surviving the end of the world as we know it, these TV shows demonstrate products people would use if catastrophic events were to happen. From ammunition reloading and canning, to heirloom seeds, and water filtration systems, these people are willing to purchase significant amounts of supplies, some costly, to keep their families safe, and email marketing has become one of the effective ways to reach this audience.

To learn more information about using and how buying an email list can help grow your business for direct sales of emergency supplies, please visit our website.

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