Email Marketing’s Role In Doomsday Preparedness

Email Marketing’s Role In Doomsday Preparedness
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28 May

Email Marketing’s Role In Doomsday Preparedness

Doomsday preparedness has grown in reach and potency as a result of email marketing.  Now, citizens nationwide have the ability to gain insights and purchase products to help them survive the world as we know it from the click of a mouse. Since 2008, a resurgence throughout the United States with intense discussions on planning and provisioning of supplies, similar to those surrounding the Y2K phenomenon, has gained significant traction online as Americans seek to survive a variety of apocalyptic scenarios, and email marketing is proving to be the best conduit for reaching them.


At first, email lists with a particular political ideology were the first to recognize their subscribers had an interest in emergency preparedness.  Now, whether the fear is driven by a foreign attack from nuclear weapons or EMPs, the collapse of our nation’s economy, or the belief our planet’s resources are reaching a breaking point, email lists with audiences interested in politics, health, financial and faith, all contain subscribers who are engaged in this community, receiving daily information and purchasing products.


Email newsletters carry information on a variety of topics, but beyond the mainstay genre of email lists, an exponential growth has occurred among prepper websites and their related emails lists.  Whether daily or weekly, these email lists carry newsletters with tips and checklists sprinkled in between advertisers selling heirloom seeds, survival training, food storage and solar powered generators.


Doomsday preparedness and email marketing go hand in hand, and for good reason. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to a group of people and find those that share the intense interest in preparing for the end of the world as we know it. It is a way that people who share similar beliefs can find each other, exchange information that is critical to their cause and located products that will enhance their level of survival.


In a well-accepted doomsday scenario, infrastructure will collapse and lead to mass chaos which has caused many to join the growing prepper community. These individuals are not just interested in buying underground bunkers, they are also learning about reloading ammunition, utilize traditional Boy-scout skills to living off the land (off the grid), as well as how to administer first-aid and medical treatments when you are not in reach of a hospital or trained medical professional.


Another good use of email marketing is to spread awareness to those that fit into certain demographic groups. The people who have signed up for marketing information on financial products and services could be the very kind of people who would understand the possibilities of an economic apocalypse. It is a way for doomsday preparedness groups to supply options to people who may have already been considering the possibility of financial Armageddon and believe the economy may be supported by bartering and the use of gold and silver coins.


When doomsday preparedness groups start buying email lists, they are putting out a message that is resonating with a significant amount of the U.S. population. By utilizing email marketing, these groups are able to increase dialogue which could result in finding new and innovative ways to prepare for a pending disaster. It is important to remember that preparing for doomsday involves activities that could also benefit people facing a natural disaster or any other kind of crisis. Email marketing can help to share that information with people and collect new ways to protect others.


Email marketing is the act of reaching out to a specific demographic or segments in the attempt to deliver an important message that will resonate with the audience and cause these subscribers to click and buy.


The people who are engaged in doomsday preparedness activities have an important message to deliver. By utilizing the collection of skills and filtering out sub-par products, email marketing from a reliable website or organization with insights from survival experts can create networks of people that could save lives. They can also deliver critical information that can be used in a variety of situations that people all around the world face each and every day whether it is another Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina or Boston Marathon terrorist attack.