Engaging Concerned Americans is a Patriotic Cause

Engaging Concerned Americans is a Patriotic Cause
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18 Aug

Engaging Concerned Americans is a Patriotic Cause

Patriot Survey, an elite email list of donors of a PAC and supporters of conservative causes is now available to marketers and fundraisers seeking to reach people who view themselves as strong, Constitutional conservatives who are concerned about the scandal to cover up the tragedy in Bengahzi, Libya, as noted in the Patriot Survey newsletters, and for many reasons are seeking to impeach President Barack Obama. The Patriot Survey email list is now represented by Alliance Strategies Group, LLC, an audience targeting firm exclusively managing digital solutions to engage conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, tea party members and other liberty-loving Americans.

“During the last 90 days of the 2014 election, the Patriot Survey email list and others in the ASG portfolio will have a significant impact on fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts for candidates and organizations just as they have during the various state primaries earlier this year,” said Bryan Rudnick, Chief Evangelist of Alliance Strategies Group, LLC. “Our digital solutions are also proving effective for commercial and direct marketers seeking to reach these audiences for their products and services.”

The members of Patriot Survey are donors and activists concerned with the direction of the United States of America who demonstrate their concerns by signing petitions, filling out surveys and donating to causes of a like-mind. They consider themselves conservatives and have strong feelings on issues of national security and international affairs which have lead them to remain vocal and seek the impeachment of President Obama.

Political causes, financial newsletters and preparedness organizations have benefitted greatly from the response of these buyers, donors and activists who demonstrate their passionate feelings by signing petitions to their elected officials, filling out surveys and donating to causes of a like-mind. They consider themselves movement conservatives on domestic policy issues, but also have strong feelings on issues pertaining to national security and international affairs.

About Alliance Strategies Group, LLC
Alliance Strategies Group, LLC is the resource to turn to for audience targeting and multi-channel email marketing to both consumers and businesses. Our company excels at helping our clients reach their target market while exceeding their goals through our email marketing and other lead generation, direct marketing capabilities.

The lists offered by Alliance Strategies Group, LLC contain both single opt-in and double opt-in subscribers who are conservatives, conservative Republicans, and Tea Party supporters and know how to email them. In fact, they have been used by some of the most recognizable brands in this sector and beyond!