Build Your Financial Customer Pool via Email

Build Your Financial Customer Pool via Email
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17 Dec

Build Your Financial Customer Pool via Email

Financial business owners and marketers may benefit from understanding more about how investing in email marketing can increase their existing customer base. This is especially true when activity in the market is volatile. Generally speaking, email campaigns generated by the media, consumer goods, retail, health and financial services industries typically perform better than those used by business-to-business and travel sectors. Email marketing is still one of the most prominent forms of communication used for connecting businesses with consumers.

Despite the strong growth maintained by social media platforms, email campaigns continue to reign supreme at connecting businesses to their current customers and new prospects. Using email still ranks as the most popular activity happening online right now. More than 90 percent of the Internet users worldwide read and respond to their email everyday. The increased usage of mobile devices has made email marketing more rewarding for businesses attempting to improve their customer base. In 2014, approximately 53% of all email was accessed from mobile devices and that number will continue to rise.

As a result of the 2008 Recession, email marketing is now essential to maintaining success in the financial services industry. Many financial enterprises now have to work harder at securing customer loyalty and differentiating themselves from direct competitors. Communicating effectively and providing value to clients’ emails has helped many financial enterprises overcome the highly commoditized services diluting their industry. Capitalizing on niche customer segments, providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with clients through email should be high priorities for companies trying to distinguish themselves from competitors with comparable offers.

During 2015, researchers at VentureBeat determined that marketers received more ROI from email campaigns than they did from affiliates, paid searches, videos, social media, TV or radio ads. The ROI for emails is typically substantially greater than any other form of direct-response marketing. Focusing more on the client than the product can help financial business improve their email campaigns and current customer base. Creating targeted campaigns has helped many financial institutions recognize and capitalize on the individual priorities framing consumers’ decisions and habits.

Researchers now believe that approximately 60 percent of all consumers actually prefer receiving information about their financial provider’s new products and services through their email, opposed to the account statement or company website. Financial organizations now profit by using data analysis to include personalized services that are specifically relevant to the needs, motives and priorities of the individual’s profile. Investing in targeted email campaigns based on specific customer profiles allows businesses to capitalize on these trends.

Financial organizations reduce consumers’ economic hardships in erratic markets typically benefit from investing in email marketing. Third-party services like Best ROI Lists are coveted by major corporations and political figures due to their expertise in managing data sets comprised of in-depth selections allowing clients to customize multiple campaigns based on different profiles within the client pool. Leading brands in the financial sector have successfully increased their customer base by renting email lists constructed and managed by specialized companies like Best ROI Lists.