NRB 2024: Christian Ministries Learning to Embrace Digital Marketing

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01 Mar

NRB 2024: Christian Ministries Learning to Embrace Digital Marketing

The ministry world has come a long way in the 80 years since the NRB was established. Instead of remaining focused on TV and radio, NRB is now a digitally-minded group that embraces the important techniques of utilizing email marketing and peer-to-peer texting to both build and maintain a base of supporters and stakeholders.

The businesses represented on the convention floor reflected this new reality.  Antenna amplifier and ATSC switcher companies have now been replaced by podcast equipment suppliers and internet streaming vendors.

Besides the mix of ministries and services targeted to churches, what was very noticeable was the increased presence of consumer businesses targeted to a Christian audience. 

In fact, there were the two consumer banks, America’s Christian Credit Union, which has been in existence since 1958, and Pro-Life Fintech, a new startup dedicated to serving those who support Pro-Life causes.

If you had told anyone 10 years ago that there would be a need for Christian-aligned banking, they would have scoffed at the mere suggestion.  But in today’s political climate, Christians have been targeted with de-banking or denial of loans based solely on their biblical values.

But this desire for ideologically aligned businesses doesn’t stop with banking.  Due to the growing use of DEI either in business practices or choice of investments, Christians are finding it harder to find companies that don’t support causes that run afoul of their beliefs.

That explains the presence of mobile phone companies like Patriot Mobile, payment processors like Revere Payments, internet filtering software company Covenant Eyes, and even job boards like Red Balloon that promise not to go woke or support unbiblical values.

In addition to these companies, there were medical bill-sharing companies (Christian Healthcare Ministries & Christian Care Ministries) that offer insurance alternatives that combine you with a group of believers. 

Also present were businesses in the nutrition and supplement industries that offer medical solutions for better heart health (Cardio Miracle) and combatting Lyme disease (NutraMedix). 

Another growing presence at NRB 2024 was the faith-based film production companies.  Kingdom Story, which produced I Can Only Imagine and Jesus Revolution were out in force promoting their new film Unsung Hero.

Angel Studios, known for Sound of Freedom, was also at NRB 2024 promoting their new film, Cabrini.

In addition, several small faith-based film companies showcased their upcoming releases, highlighting the growing market for family-friendly and uplifting movies and their need to incorporate faith-based marketing.

Even with the legacy Christian television stations, you were witnessing their understanding of the demographic shift to the digital medium.  Coral Ridge Ministries, TCT Ministries, and One Voice are now live-streaming their shows on OTT and streaming platforms.  Church services are being broadcast on social media instead of the local affiliate.  Even major players like TBN are creating more faith-based and faith-adjacent TV shows and movies that are being broadcast outside of their own channel.

All of these Christian-minded companies have one things in common, they need customers that are like-minded and they need a way to reach them.

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Because the key in this changing environment is no longer how powerful your broadcast antenna is, but how targeted is your reach to your ideal audience.

It’s no longer a shotgun approach to reaching your audience.  You must be laser-focused to stand out in a sea of podcasts, social media, websites, and the perception of junk mail.

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