Sell YOUR Inventory BEFORE Congress Sells You Down the River

Sell YOUR Inventory BEFORE Congress Sells You Down the River
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23 Jun

Sell YOUR Inventory BEFORE Congress Sells You Down the River

As we move from Father’s Day to Independence Day, it is a great time to think back to the days that our Founding Fathers provided United States citizens with our right to bear arms.  We remember that our country has the right to bear arms because of the Second Amendment and it cannot be trampled upon by anyone.   It is naturally a great time to put your firearms up for sale because of the increased focus on the pride our country takes in its freedom throughout the Fourth of July.

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Recently, the Orlando terrorist put the spotlight back on the nation’s battle between gun control and Second Amendment advocates.  The mass shooting placed gun control measures on its radar, setting a domino effect of events into motion.

As a result, Senator Christopher S. Murphy began a filibuster until a new bill would be addressed that would allow for gun control measures to sweep through the United States.  Afterward, when that had no effect, the House Democrats waged a sit-in of which they promised to allow no passage of laws until a gun law posing new restrictions would be addressed on the floor.

The proposed legislation would place restrictions on the rights provided to gun owners under the Second Amendment.  Because of these measures taking place, it makes now the perfect time to put your firearms on the market before you lose out on your ability to do so because of the increased awareness surrounding this law.  

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