SMS Text Message Campaigns & 10DLC – What You Need to Know



21 Aug

SMS Text Message Campaigns & 10DLC – What You Need to Know

What is 10DLC and Why Does it Matter?

10DLC, also known as 10-Digit Long Code, refers to the use of a standard 10-digit phone number for business communication, including SMS and MMS messaging. It was developed as a response to evolving regulations and carrier policies in the United States with the intention to enhance delivery rates and minimize spam or fraudulent content. The application of 10DLC rules ensures high throughput for businesses by providing them with their own dedicated numbers, eliminating the necessity to share short codes, which had been a common practice in business-to-consumer communication.

The adoption of 10DLC is incredibly significant for marketers and business owners who wish to engage in SMS text messaging campaigns. This is because, unlike shared short codes, 10DLC numbers allow for better deliverability and improved customer trust due to the traceability of messages. Additionally, 10DLC helps in maintaining regulatory compliance because each number is registered to a specific business. The application process involves thorough vetting, reducing the possibility of misuse and consequently enhancing the reputation of businesses that adhere to these regulations.

Non-compliance with 10DLC regulations can result in businesses facing severe consequences, including blocked messages and penalties. Moreover, adherence to these rules ensures that businesses maintain their reputation and credibility, both of which are crucial in this digital age. By using registered 10DLC numbers, businesses can also send high-volume messages without the risk of being flagged as spam or blocked by carriers. This high throughput allows for more effective marketing campaigns, leading to better engagement and return on investment. Therefore, the necessity of compliance with 10DLC regulations cannot be overstated for marketers and business owners interested in conducting efficient, successful, and compliant SMS campaigns.

How Do I Become 10DLC Compliant?

If you’ve already completed this process through another means, please make sure to organize the information so you can share it with our team.  Getting the 10DLC registration process completed will allow us to scale services on your behalf and to increase the likeliness that the telecommunications industry will allow our intended recipients to receive your messages. The registration process may take up to 2 weeks to complete so please help us expedite this process for your benefit.

Our clients will receive a link to an application form that prompts them to fill out any missing information, and to confirm any prefilled information. Once the required information has been successfully submitted – our team will handle the rest.

However, here is a general guideline on how to register a campaign for 10DLC:

  1. Select a 10DLC Provider: Choose a provider or aggregator who is registered with the Campaign Registry (TCR) and can help you in setting up your 10DLC number. The provider will have an interface or API to help you through the registration process.
  2. Business Verification: Once you’ve selected your provider, you’ll need to go through a business verification process. This will involve providing key details about your business such as its name, address, tax identification number, and industry type. The provider will use this information to verify the legitimacy of your business with the TCR.
  3. Campaign Registration: After your business is verified, you can register your specific use case or campaign. This will involve providing information such as the content of your messages, campaign purpose, estimated volume of messages, and more.
  4. 10DLC Number Assignment: Once your campaign is approved, you’ll be assigned a 10-digit long code (10DLC) number for use specifically with your campaign.
  5. Campaign Verification: After getting your 10DLC number, some businesses might need to go through an additional step of verification via This platform is utilized when there’s a need for further review of your campaign information by carriers. You will be required to provide details of your campaign, including sender and message details.
  6. Start Your Campaign: Once your campaign and your 10DLC number are approved, you can start sending messages.

Remember, the exact process may vary slightly depending on the specific 10DLC provider you choose. Always follow the guidelines and instructions provided by your chosen provider to ensure a smooth registration process.

Why Would I Be Required to Undergo Additional Vetting? serves as an additional layer of verification for campaigns that may fall into categories deemed as “special business use-cases” or those that potentially carry a higher risk. The platform helps to prevent spam or fraudulent messaging activities, ensuring that all communication adheres to regulatory standards and protects end-users from unwanted or harmful messages.

For instance, businesses operating in highly regulated industries, like finance, healthcare, or gambling, may be required to go through additional verification. This could also apply to businesses that send out a high volume of messages or engage in potentially sensitive use-cases such as debt collection, marketing, or political campaigns.

Additionally, campaigns with prior instances of non-compliance, high complaint rates, or those linked to businesses with less established trust ratings could also trigger a need for extra scrutiny. In these scenarios, carriers or the Campaign Registry itself might direct the campaign to for a more detailed review.

Ultimately, the specific scenarios requiring additional verification can vary, and it is subject to change as carrier policies and regulations evolve. Therefore, businesses should stay abreast of the latest guidelines to ensure seamless communication with their audience and to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring compliance with 10DLC is not just about following rules, it’s a strategic move that opens up a multitude of benefits for businesses running SMS campaigns. A compliant 10DLC campaign yields better message delivery rates and reduces the risk of being flagged as spam, enhancing the effectiveness and reach of your communication efforts. By adhering to these regulations, businesses build trust with their customers by ensuring they receive genuine and relevant messages, leading to higher engagement rates and improved customer relationships. It also allows businesses to send high-volume messages without restrictions, facilitating scalability. Importantly, compliance with 10DLC signals a commitment to responsible business practices, helping to boost the brand’s reputation and credibility in the market. In summary, while 10DLC compliance may require an investment of time and resources, it is a critical factor that contributes significantly to the success of SMS marketing campaigns.

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