Taking Advantage of the Volatility in the Financial Markets

Taking Advantage of the Volatility in the Financial Markets
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06 Dec

Taking Advantage of the Volatility in the Financial Markets

Anyone watching the market this week is aware of its volatility. The numbers speak for themselves, the S&P 500 continues to drop, down by 3.24% as of December 6th. On Tuesday December 4th, the Dow plunged by more than 800 points. At the end of October, the S&P 500 suffered its worst monthly losses in about seven years. This is concerning to most people.

Robert Scott, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute points to troubling signs ahead, and a potential for another recession in 2019. “The economy is showing signs of being on a “sugar high” thanks to the tax cut we passed last year, which dramatically raised the deficit and may have increased the likelihood of a crash”, he stated. The last time our nation faced a large increase in our deficit like this was in the early 2000s, which led to a great loss in jobs, which along with a declining market could lead to another recession.

Our economy is leaving baby boomers and seniors to feel quite uneasy about their future, as it can be devastating to their retirement accounts. They feel vulnerable and are likely fearing the worst.

In this state of mind, they are more open to seeking assistance or guidance from someone who is able to offer them an alternative method to help recover their losses and hedge against the future, thereby making them more likely to subscribe to financial newsletters with advice from experts.

When investors begin to lose faith in their current investments paper currencies, they will look to other options where there is more possibility to retain value. One example is investing in precious metals (gold, platinum, etc..).

Therefore, the volatility in the market becomes a great opportunity for companies in the financial sector to use investor email lists to target baby boomers and seniors by conducting prospecting through email marketing campaigns. People watching the market are dissatisfied and this is the opportunity for financial organizations to reach out to these consumers with alternative investment options. During this unsteady market climate, people cannot afford to ignore these emails. They are more willing to consider options that they would otherwise have ignored in a more stable market, and it presents a good opportunity for both the advertiser and the consumer especially if the calls-to-action within the advertisement focus on the sentiments felt by the average consumer.

Precious metals are a safe alternative method of investment because they are more likely to hold their value and are not as affected by the changes in the market.

Marketers must take advantage of the current market climate by utilizing targeted marketing emails from opt-in email lists to inform those concerned about their retirement about other options available to them, and for financial sector companies to gain new business.

For example, conservative email lists could be used to target potential new consumers who are boomers and seniors seeking information about news and market conditions and may tend to manage some of their own investments without a financial advisor and therefore rely on analysis from financial information publishers.

It can sometimes take a downturn in the market to attract a new group of consumers. A group who under other circumstance would be ignoring emails offering them alternative methods of investing their money. Members of the financial industry, especially those in the financial information publishing business or those offering investments in precious metals cannot pass up this opportunity to draw in a larger new client base.