Tax Prep made easy in 2019 with Email Marketing

Tax Prep made easy in 2019 with Email Marketing
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03 Jan

Tax Prep made easy in 2019 with Email Marketing

Happy New Year!

As we ring in 2019, many people are also taking this time to prepare their documents for tax season. Although the deadline for filing federal taxes is not until April 15th, e-filing offers many people a convenient means to file early in the year. Therefore, e-filing increases the burden for tax preparation services to jump start their marketing efforts earlier in an effort to reach some of these early filing taxpayers.

The IRS reported that as of May 2018, about 126,040,000 million tax returns were efiled for Tax Year 2017. The number of tax returns safely efiled has continued to increase each year.

With so many options available today for filing taxes, tax prep companies need to utilize the sense of urgency that people feel from receiving email marketing messages and the value propositions that can be conveyed through them.

We are living in a time where most people are connected digitally. Email allows you the convenience of getting your message to the right people in this crucial time, as tax season is upon us. Consumers want and need to be educated as filing taxes can be complicated, and this your chance to grab new customers in one of the most cost-effective advertising channels.

As IRS-related scams are on the increase, marketers can attempt to overcome consumer fears by utilizing opt-in email lists whereby the recipients have a rapport with the list and already trust the sender of the information. Therefore, renting an opt-in email list will benefit your email marketing campaign by providing your company’s advertisement with the benefit of the list owner’s imprimatur. In some cases, it can be tantamount to having a celebrity spokesperson endorse your services.

The email lists you can rent from Best ROI Lists will help you target the taxpayer and consumer audiences during this season effectively. We can help you filter parameters to ensure your messages reach qualified consumers based on factors such as income, age, marital status, zip code, etc.

It isn’t just younger people who are filing their taxes online today. Baby boomers who are working on setting up their future for financial success, are now e-filing. They have opted into our email lists and could be the right consumer for you.

Changing market conditions and losses in the stock market have caused people to become concerned over their financial future and many will be seeking help from tax professionals to properly deduct such losses. It would also benefit them to have some guidance regarding the new limits for the standard deduction, gifting to grandchildren or contributions to retirement accounts.

Many people may not be up-to-date with the new tax laws that prevent their deduction of state sales or other taxes on the state level, and your marketing should point out these changes as a hook to draw in new customers.

Renting an opt-in email list is a fast and efficient opportunity to cautious taxpayers while providing a sense of security that your company offers expertise and an ability to avoid the identity-theft scammers.

Now is the time to help them get a head start. Your email advertisements are more likely to be opened early in the year as people will begin their tax preparations and with time for them to review their options for tax preparers.

Regardless of who you are trying to target in America, most adults have one thing in common, that they will all be required to file tax forms, and we have the ability to connect you to these people in time to help them.

After all, if you do not market your services to prospects needing tax prep services now, you can be assured they’ll see the advertisements being conducted by your competition—so let us help you get an edge on the competition today. Contact one for digital marketing professionals now.